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Q. I don't see anything on your site about pricing?
A. That's quite right, you don't, and for a very good reason. Sage Advice works with firms of all sizes who have needs that range from very complex and span over long periods of time to firms that only require a selected number of our resources. Because of this, our work tends to be custom quoted to fit the needs and budgets of our various clients.

Q. Is it possible for me to 'cherry pick' the a la carte services I see listed on your Services page?
A. It is possible to do that, but normally we publish that list to give our prospective clients some insight into the breadth and scope of our abilities. In a perfect world, we like to put them together in partnership with our clients to achieve the very best results for them. After we meet to discuss your requirements, it may well be that all you would require is one or two.

Q. I see that you are located in Toronto, Canada. Do you take on clients outside of Toronto or Canada?
A. Of course we can -- and one of the determining factors would be the amount of commitment your situation requires. One of the reasons our clients keep coming to us is the personalized attention we afford them. We want to be completely focused on your situation and issues. Being away from Toronto creates interesting challenges to meeting these objectives -- nothing we don't think we can overcome -- so send us an inquiry and let's see what can be arranged.

Q. Many restaurants are owned by a group of partners and/or investors. Are there issues to consider when there is more than one owner?
A. Multiple ownership presents a number of challenges, particularly if there are unequal interests or differences in their involvement in day-to-day operations. Also, changes to the ownership structure and how they are handled are critical to maintaining a successful operation. We can help you sort through your situation and provide solutions.

Q. I have received a lease from my landlord and it indicates my rent is "fully net". What does this mean?

A. Rent payments in a lease are generally defined as either gross or net rents. With a net rent agreement, such as yours, the tenant is responsible for all utility and property taxes for the space, in addition to the rent.

Q. My partners have prepared a budget for a new restaurant. They contend they have covered all foreseeable cost but have not included any contingencies. Are contingencies necessary and if so, what is an appropriate amount?
A. No matter how careful and thorough one is in preparing a budget, unexpected expenses and costs inevitably arise. A general rule for a construction budget is a contingency of 10-15% of the total costs.

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